J. R. Williams

Also known as Jeanne Williams. American author. She lived in the Rio Grande area near Mexico and wrote a number of books which featured the history and traditions of the area. Two of her books featured horses. She won the Texas Institute of Letters Cokesbury Bookstore Award for one of these, Tame the Wild Stallion. Both this book and her other horse story feature Mustangs.

Horse and Pony Books:

(1st UK edition THE WORLD'S WORK 1958)
Reprinted by Texas Christian University Press in hardback & paperback in 1985
First printed in the UK in hardback by World's Work in 1958
EDITIONS PICTURED: University Press paperback, UK edition.
SUMMARY: Historical horse story set in the 1800s. Fifteen year old Joe finds adventure when taking a load of 80 Mustangs to sell at an army post.

Reprinted in paperback in 2000.
Available as a print-on-demand paperback in the USA.
EDITION PICTURED: 1st edition.
SUMMARY: Historical horse story set in the 1850s. White born Lan lives with the Commanche Indian tribe. His light skin makes him an outcast in the village, but he can tame horses better than the Indians. When another boy, Yellow Wolf,
persuades him that catching the runaway horse of one of the soldiers will win his respect in the village, Lan sets off in search of it. But it seems he has walked straight into a treacherous plot which leaves him living in the wilds with the Mustang herds and searching for the great legendary stallion know as The Ghost.

Collector's Info:
Both these are easy to find in the USA. Tame the Wild Stallion was also published in the UK and, although not common, can be found without too much trouble. The Horse Talker was not published in the UK and is a lot harder to find there. Prices can vary a lot so it is worth shopping around to find a low cost copy.